Critical Fandom for the Blogosphere "Pop music has for decades possessed the power to transport the human spirit and to serve as a vehicle for the transcendence that we seek." --Bill Friskics-Warren


Creating more Critical Fandom.

Welcome to Babyrain Dance, a new blog, with a title based on two fanzines I worked on once upon a time, before the Internet, back in the 1980s.

With music as a focus, this blog will embrace a construct known as "critical fandom," an idea once dsecribed by a devotee of Xena Studies as
"a constant battle for truth, justice" where we "persist in the battle against the Behemoth of Commercialism."

This hybrid will hopefully combine the intelligence of analysis and critique often expected from academics and journalists with the honest love and admiration for bands and songs the distinguishes fandom from the profit-driven demons of the mainstream publishing world.

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