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Zero Degrees and Waiting

This week, we traveled to Denver to visit family and friends—but also to catch the last two nights on My Morning Jacket's winter tour that included three larger-than-life nights to ring in the New Year in San Francisco.

My people here assure me that recent Colorado winters have not been so severe, but now that I'm experiencing the bone-chilling temperatures and colossal piles of snow first-hand, a part of me cannot help exclaiming inside “What were you thinking!?!?!” Checking the weather has become ritual, and now that Friday has arrived, we have temperatures around zero. Last night, there were flurries in the air, and another dusting is expected tonight. This report from last night's Jacket show in Salt Lake City deal directly with the snow:

Many a band would have used the day-long snowstorm Thursday to duck out on a potentially disastrous show in Salt Lake City to assure their arrival for two sold-out gigs in Denver. But My Morning Jacket proved yet again that they are far from typical with an epic performance at The Depot.
The quintet lost its opening band on the way to Zion, and weren't sure if much of a crowd would show, but My Morning Jacket found much more than a packed room when they arrived at the venue Thursday. They found the inspiration to deliver a deadly, energetic set that will surely increase the positive word-of-mouth they deserve before their next visit. [. . .]
Who: My Morning Jacket When: Thursday Where: The Depot, Salt Lake City The Bottom Line: The Louisville rock act braved a blizzard to deliver two hours of far-reaching rock.”

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The last time I attended a General Admission gig (the Killers in Philadelphia, about a month ago), the weather was so mild that we were able to come early and line-up outside for a prime space inside. Tonight, we won't have that luxury, but I'm hoping others will only show up when the doors open as well. As on the moment as the MMJ online forum is, there's no place we can look online to confirm that the tour bus has made safe passage from Utah to the parking spot closest to the Ogden Theatre's stage door.

When I was very young, my brother, Dad, and I attended a KISS concert at the Cleveland Coliseum. We had only been able to score rear-stage, obstructed-view seats. But the night of the show, a monstrous blizzard hit. Surprisingly, a lot of people stayed home but the show went on. We 'upgraded' to incredible seats and had an awesome, ear-bleeding time. A rock fan was born inside my 11-year-old body that night. The obsession for going to shows would follow me to middle age. Tonight, I can only hope that the Jacket are like KISS and that the fans are like we were in the respect that despite the snow, the show must go on.

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